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Why Sign Up?

Perhaps you are asking yourself, "Self! Why should I sign up on this website? What possible good can come of it?"
Well, dear reader/listener, there are numerous reasons for you to sign up. Some are immediately available, some may not be here for some time to come.
One thing that you may or may not have noticed yet is that this website is rather dynamic in nature. It has gone through many changes throughout the times, and we are continually seeking to improve your experience. What we have for you so far, and this list is likely to change, is:

  • Username tagged links: If you hover over the links listed either in the side bar or under the episode, you will see a hover box with the username of whomever submitted the link.

Again, I stress that there are new features that are in the works, but some are more doable than others, so I'd rather keep them quiet for now.