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The first true episode wherein our valiant heroes discuss themselves, the future of RAPodcast, PAX, and more! (even a bit about LARPers)
The 'cast Heard Round the World

The one that kicked it all off. Sort of. Andy and I had high hopes for this podcast, and it's interesting to see where we are and where we had hoped to be. I do love that I was so adamant about calling this "Episode 0" and it still ended up being "Episode 1".

Side note: I mention transcendental numbers and then include the square-root of something. Unless that something was also a transcendental number, then my example was wrong. A square root is not a transcendental number in itself.

This was recorded before Andy and I knew what we were doing with the mics. Levels kind of suck. They get better though! Listen at your own risk

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