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Since there is no new episode this week, take a trip down memory lane with the random topics from episode 33 through 41


So, Andy and I both had a fantastic and amazing time at PAX. If you want to see pictures, scour the internet, he'll be in most of the ones under "Waldo and PAX09".
We managed to bring back a TON of swag, including a good number of PAX 09 avatar shirts for Xbox Live, which I will be posting to twitter. So you might want to start following us if you haven't already.
Unfortunately, Andy & I brought something else back. Now, there's been a lot of reports of the slightly less deadly but far more (if you'll excuse the pun virulent form of the Flu, H1N1 being spread around (unintentionally, I'm sure) PAX. I don't believe that this is the form that I caught, but whatever bug I picked up, it's kicking my ass. And the reports are that Andy's doing worse. We should be doing better in a few days, we're both hunkered down for some rest and - at least for myself - drinking plenty of fluids.
In any case, next week should have plenty of PAX info. If it doesn't, then it will be a random topic recap.
On a final note, you may have noticed that there's a new addition to the website. We have added a donate button, for those of you feeling especially generous. The proceeds will go towards paying our hosting bill first and foremost. We'll still be doing this for free, but tips are appreciated.

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