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VThornheart joins the show this week, and gives everybody a new fantasy realm.

Above and Beyond

I rarely comment here anymore, preferring to let the show do most of the speaking for itself, but today I can not remain silent. You see, we recorded this episode on Saturday, at about 1:00. Usually, by this time, Andy has already done some editing, so that he can spread it around during the weekend and not drive himself insane. However, the late recording of this episode meant that Andy had to cram in alllll his editing into one day, Sunday, in order to have the episode out to you guys "on time". Now, I personally was expecting the episode to come out on Tuesday at the latest, and most likely on Monday night. However, here I am on Sunday night and the podcast is sitting in my news feed.
So, I want to thank Andy for his speedy editing, and for getting the episode up!

Just to let you know...

I would have actually gotten it up sooner, but the podcast ran long and I had to manually cut down the podcast length.

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