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Mustin of the OneUps joins us to discuss the weeks news and some amazing music.


Long ago in the days of Napster, when you could browse other peoples' music files and download a-la-cart, I started seeing some interesting files. Mp3s that had titles like "Zelda Remix" and "One Winged Angel". These songs called to me through some unknown force, and enthralled me. My collection expanded greatly and rapidly when I discovered the OSTs for Final Fantasy, and put much of my money towards though purchases. Then I found the glory of OCRemix, and all the amazing artists there.
Skip forward about 7-10 years, and I have now seen Play, Dear Friends, and Video Games Live (twice!). Beyond that, I've been to PAX, where there are video game concerts galore!
It was somewhere in this mess of music that I first heard Mustin and the OneUps. I've been a fan of their work for some time now, and was really excited to have him on the show. For examples of Mustin's music, I would suggest hitting up these sites, or... listen to the ending. The outtro was hijacked by Andy, and features the SMB Sleigh Ride.

3 Things

#1. The first is that it's Outro, not Outtro.

#2. It's not really hijacking when The OneUps are posting it online for free.

#3. If my mic sounded horrid, it's because after 7 years (3 of which was podcasting) the free USB mic I got with SOCOM Has given up the ghost. Here's to the only mic that's been with the Random Access Podcast since the beginning. You'll be missed.

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