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Since it's the Monday before PAX, it's time for our annual "PAX 10" interview! So sit back and take a listen to the creators of 5 of this year's PAX 10.

News from the Trenches

So, I'm at PAX, and as near as I can tell, Andy isn't. I believe that makes finding out information my responsibility. As such, I have spent most of the day looking around and digging for information. I met some really cool people doing it too, and even got to see one of the private company-assigned interview rooms! Bwahahahahha.
Anyway, here's what I've learned. < br/>

  1. Razor has come out with a gaming laptop.
  2. FireFall is stealing Starcraft's logo
  3. Eve is full of crazy shit
  4. Eve devs & CMs are fantastic
  5. A Sony recorder can pick up a soft-spoken guy over a room with literally thousands of other people
  6. Riot is REALLY popular
More on its way, I have to eat.

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