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Dave has lots and lots of laundry.
Laundry List

Hmm, coming up with a few lines of text has never seemed quite as daunting as it does right now. I think I'm too tired at the moment to come up with anything good. However, I will present to you now, Episode 54, and hope that you enjoy it.


So, the Ajaxy-ness of the site is being worked on. If you utilize the new amazingly awesome functionality of the sidebar, it's all Ajax based. The latest is the submission of a new link for us to talk about. It's a little wonky right now, but I'm working on getting it working fully. It's working perfectly on my local machine... but for some reason our host's servers aren't too happy with it. Work is continuing though.

Also, Andy and I should hopefully be recording tomorrow.

Um... Ok.

I'm glad that I was in on this conversation about when we're recording this week.

Read carefully

As in I had not checked, but I was hoping that we would be able to.

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