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We discuss serious business
Spam troubles

Andy and I have closed the suggest a story link. I apologize for this. However, I doubt you're very interested in getting links about "C1al is" and Viagra. So, I'm working instead on implementing the new user registration and CP. In the meantime, the forums are up. Head on over to check it out!!
Also, Episode 57 is up and out. Huzzah!


So 57 is up... I need to apologize for the Apple argument. Why? Because Dave was confusing me and I was trying to play Devil's Advocate at the same time. It didn't work out as well.

Side note: It seems that the suggest a link has been found out by the spammers, so some bad apples have caused us to lock-it down for use by just Dave and myself.

Side Side Note: So that's why I couldn't post...

Links that were suggested for this episode

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