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A return to randomness. Some things that may matter to you, some things that might not
Episode 63

First, Episode 63 is up. This was one of our fastest turn around times yet, with the podcast being up within 24 hours of its recording.

Second, if you look in the upper right hand corner of this webpage, you will see the return of the almighty 'login'. That's right folks, I have re-written the user system to my liking, and I feel that it has come far enough for you to start to enjoy. I already have an idea for a notification email that you can opt in to that would go out with every new podcast. (For those that refuse to subscribe to a feed. Brian.) Anyways, feel free to register!

Ask and ye shall receive

So, I made this post on the forums, asking people what they wanted on the site. Someone asked that I provide a flash based embedded player into the site. I have done so. On every episode page there is now a little player just above the random topic that will let you listen to the episode without ever leaving the page. For what it's worth, you could have done this just by clicking the episode title, if your browser has a built in player (like firefox does when you have quicktime installed).

So, any more suggestions?

Links that were suggested for this episode

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