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Evidently Dave's a Hunting Reserve in Africa... Guess What Andy is?

We apologize for the late posting of this episode. We actually managed to have a turn around time of about 22 hours, which is not bad for us. Anyways, Episode 65 - Crunchy Frog. (I still can't believe Andy hadn't heard that skit before...)

I can't believe...

Dave thinks that skit is funny. And for those who don't understand the ending of the random topic and the podcast, here's the explanation. Back in High School, I was a member of the basketball pep band. And for some odd reason, our pep band shirts had a picture of Opus on the them. Well for some odd reason, everybody kept on saying that Opus was a Platypus, even though I knew, from reading the comic, that Opus was a penguin. And I made it my goal to set the story straight with everybody.

Well, some of my friends (including my to-be-fiance) decided it would be fun just to disagree with me on this point for no other reason then to watch me get worked up about it.

So what you hear at the end, is the snapping of my psyche, as the years of constant pressure have finally taken their toll.

Crossing My Fingers

Ok, so if everything went all right, you won't notice a thing. However, if it didn't... well, then I'm using this space to explain what's going on. You see, in order to update a new episode, I used to have to download the finished mp3 from andy, tag it, reupload it, edit the appropriate fields on the episode's page (Mp3 name, random topic, etc.,) publish the page (make it visible to the public,) and THEN deal with the feed. The feed itself meant opening an ftp program (I prefer Filezilla for that,) navigating to the file, opening, copy the newest item, paste it, edit the date, edit the GUID, edit the file name, edit the link, edit the enclosure, SAVE the file, upload the file, open the SSH to the server, tell it that I've updated the file, open feedburner, tell IT that the feed's been updated (this step is extra, feedburner would find out in about 1/2 an hour anyways.)

That's a lot of time spent on what should be a small task! So, I've had "create auto-generating rss feed" on my TODO list for a while, and I think I"ve finally managed to get it working. If all goes well, the new feed should absolutely replace the old one. If it goes badly.... well, I'll just have to try to restore the old feed the way it was.

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