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Andy explains and corrects his mistake from the end of Episode 65
Never any time

Andy's starting his exams for his summer classes, wish him luck. I have my (second) midterm next week. And what does this mean for you? Well, hopefully nothing. What COULD it mean? The next episode could be late? Doubtful, but possible. Anyways, Episode 66.


Well, Andy has up and disappeared on me. I have no clue where he went to nor for how long he will be there. I do know he was planning on leaving the state by Thursday morning, and that he will be leaving FROM K-zoo, so I'd have to guess he's THERE for now. This wouldn't be a problem, except he still hasn't uploaded Episode 67, which we recorded on like... Friday. So, until he gets that to me, no new episode. However, it works out fine, cause we probably weren't going to record this weekend anyways. Which you'd have known about if I had Episode 67 to put up.

Now, one last thing. We added the ability for users to submit links via the side-bar in the hopes of using some user-generated content, thereby officially making this a Web 2.0 project. However, I ask that you use this new tool responsibly. Andy and I both have the ability (and retain the right) to delete your submitted links. If you feel that we did this unfairly, feel free to contact us or make a posting in the forums. If you plead your case, we may even put the link back up.
Continued abuse will result in removal of your ability to submit new links. And we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

Now, to end on a happy note: BUTTONS!
If you're going to PAX, then you should totally check out This Thread on the PA Forums. I've already got my buttons submitted & they're in production. Andy and I may also be creating a special edition RAPodcast button, so keep your eye out for it!

Was Correct

Yeah, Andy's off in (Future-)Family Reunion Land, and it doesn't look like we're going to be recording this weekend. However, I will get 67 up to you guys as soon as I can.
Which requires Andy to get it to me.

Ok, 67 is finally out of my hands. Thank jebus!

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