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Rapid-fire topics throughout the cast. Lots of game, some tech, even some Law again.
Times are Changing, Maybe

I guess the title is quite appropriate. Andy and I have had to abandon our tradition of recording together. Now, of course, we're still going to record. It will just be a new tradition.
Also: I've had Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head for the last few days, so the title just came quite naturally.

If I was a rich man...


Yidle didle didle diedle didul didul dum

All day long I'd bitty bitty bum.

I knew it.

I knew that Dave could not and would not leave that alone...

Well DUH

And I knew you couldn't resist commenting on my response!

We're too predictible.

And I knew that you would point that out.

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