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"Everything that can go wrong will." It's not an exact quote, but it's close enough.
On the way

Well, if I'm correct, Andy should be somewhere near Billings, Montana about now. Poor guy. Myself, I'm almost packed for my flight tomorrow. Looking forward to a good PAX.

Our Absense

I felt that I should post so that people don't get too worried about the lack of updates.
We did not manage to record either of our 2 planned PAX episodes, but we DID manage to come up with one other one. Andy's working on the audio of it right now, but his laptop's harddrive is going bonkers. As such, the next episode may be a little delayed. Please stay tuned.

RE: Our Absense

I would just like to point out now that ever since Monday, I've had the audio done and ready to go.
Oh, my laptop is doing fine now as well. 2 bad sectors can spoil a hard drive it seems.

RE: RE: Our Absence

It is true, I've had the files for the next episode for a few days. But due to coordination reasons, I haven't opened them up yet. You'll all find out soon enough, we just ask that you be patient with us. As usual.

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