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Part 1 of 3 of a joint podcast by,, and describing our PAX experience

Ok, I'm tired of waiting. Here it is all, the promised PAX episode. We did something very special for this one, we teamed up with members from two other podcasts: Leetbix and Epic Default. Even stranger, we did a THREE HOUR LONG recording session. We were all absolutely exhausted having been up the entire day for the expo, so you could've dropped a hat & we'd all be on the floor laughing. Anyways, this is part 1. Parts 2 and 3 will be hosted on the Epic Default and Leetbix websites, respectively. We'll post links here though, so stay tuned.


Wow, it's finally here! If you're looking for part 2, you might have to wait a bit. Epic Default is based out of Houston, TX... right where the eye of hurricane Ike passed. So it might be a bit before part 2 comes online.

But, if you want to find part 3, leetbix is hosting that part right here.


There's something I forgot to mention that I wanted to. Both Epic Default and Leetbix have their own RSS feeds, similar to our own. I thought I'd list them both here and encourage you all to subscribe to them. They're both pretty good, I've enjoyed listening to both.
Epic Default is still under construction, and with Ike having just passed through them, it might be "under construction" for a little bit.
Leetbix's, however, is right here
Don't forget to leave comments on their iTunes feeds if you subscribe via Apple's monstrosity. And while you're there, perhaps you can leave a comment on our's too?

Edit: Epic Default has their feed up now.

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