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We're not quite sure what happened with Dave's mic to cause him to sound like he's in a fishbowl. We're going to attempt to fix it for the next one, promise!
Dave's Mic

We're really not sure at all what happened. We have recorded on Skype several times now, and we usually don't run into a problem as bad as this one.

No huge news post today though, other than the reminder for you all to sign up for the forums, and a request for you to leave comments for us on iTunes. Or perhaps you would just like to Digg us?

I'm sorry...

That I didn't catch Dave's crazy audio. I was only listening to him over my headset's speaker so that it wouldn't be picked up by my mic. I have no clue why it sounded like it did, but I did what I could do with it.

The Next Step

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that Andy and I have been talking and we are thinking of setting up some sort of video streaming, using a service like ustream or stickam. If we decide to do this, (and to make it public,) I'll try to make a post here with our expected recording time so you can all sit in with us.

Don't mind this...

I just messed up the order of something.

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