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We try to add video to skype... and it doesn't like us for it.

Wait, does this button post the episode?

Hey, sorry for the delay, Dave and I tried some new things with Skype... and it hated us for them. I took some liberty in how bad it sounded, but that's me trying to have some fun.

Huzzah for Andy

I would just like to congratulate Andy on his new-found ability to post the podcasts. What this means though, is that he really doesn't need me for anything anymore. Scary thoughts...

Don't Need You?

Um... I would like to point out that Dave was the one who was able to program our site enough so that I am able to post the podcast.

Still needs me

Evidently I AM still needed to think up title names though...

And the proof is here!

I knew I could still be useful around here. One of the items that has been on the request forum for a while was a faster way to jump between episode pages.
Well, I have finally managed to eek out the bit of code that will handle this request. If you look off to the right, in the happy side-bar, there is now no longer a "Last 3 Episodes" section, but rather a "List of Episodes" section with a selection menu. Select the appropriate episode and hit "Go!" to be taken directly to that Episode's page!

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