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At the end of Episode 78, Andy and I talked a bit about what makes a computer a computer. We also discussed the fact that he recently reformatted his computer and that my laptop was (again) on the fritz. So we decided that we would do a special episode, reviewing and giving thoughts on some specialized programs for Maintenance and Recovery. These are programs that Andy or myself have used at some point, and many are programs that we still use today.

Ya know what?

I just realized that since I'm posting the podcasts now, I get to put the stuff in this box.

So... here's that stuff.
This podcast is a special one, since we don't talk about the current news. We took some time and basically put metaphorical pen to paper on what Dave and myself do every time we get a new computer. Hopefully it helps.
We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program next week... and also don't forget about the contest.

What he might not realize

No fears my readers. Just because there's an absence of orange text (specifically, #EE6600) does not mean that I am no longer around.
Yes, Andy now gets to write the first posts. I can still beat him to it with a little coding trickery though.
It's weird having the responsibilities shifting around over here, but this way we can get a new recording out that much sooner. Perhaps some of you remember the olden days of "Dave's had the mp3 for over a week but hasn't posted it." Well, no more of those!
Anyways, we've got some new (minor) features in the works, so stay tuned!

We Do?

What features in the works?

We do

That would be telling...

You can trust me...

You know I can keep secrets... Would I ever lie to you?

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