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It's the day before the 2008 US Election, and we make NO MENTION of it here! Come & give a listen for an escape from the petty bickering of two politicians and instead get the petty bickering of Andy & Dave

My plan was foiled!

Gah, I was hoping Dave wasn't going to notice that I left politics out of the podcast. I was so happy when nothing was said before, during and after the recording. Then I go to post the podcast, and lo and behold... I see Dave's name for the podcast.


What did you think I was going to do. Leave it? After titling Episode 9: "Election Day Extravaganza"?


I feel that it's worth pointing out the incredibly low turn around time on this one. Andy had the new episode up in UNDER 24 HOURS

The Reason

There is a simple reason for the turn around... and I can't say why. let's just say I did something else to the audio and that sped things up. I had to do it to the whole file though, so take a listen to 80 and then 81 and tell me if it sounds better or worse. Because if it doesn't sound any worse, we could be killer with the turn arounds.

A trade?

So are you going to keep this a secret from me too? Or do I have to reveal the answer to this to you in compensation.

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