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Sorry for the delay on this one. There's a lot of World of Warcraft talk at the beginning rather than our usual banter, so if you aren't interested, you could probably skip ahead about 10 minutes. That said, I personally love the banter...

It's my fault

If there is anyone to blame about the delay, it's me. I just got another full time job that started this week, so I am still trying to get my schedule in order. Next week should be faster though.

Side note: Dave's going to hate me, but I have to cheer for OSU today. The reason? I would love to see Michigan and Eastern have the same W-L record in football.


Ahh, Thanksgiving. That wonderful time of the year that lets us know that Passover is less than half a year away. It is also the time of year when a ton of papers and projects are due, as well as when exams are starting to ramp up again. As such, expect turbulence in the RAPodcast release schedule. Just a heads up.

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