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Andy here. I've already forgotten what we talked about in this episode. But that just means I'll be joining you guys in listening to it. Check out the website for an explanation of the title.

The Title

It's music related and it's got two layers to it. Which to me, means that it was too good to pass up.

The first layer is a reference to the song "Rocket 88". This song, written by the late Ike Turner (yes, Tina's Ike), is considered one of the first rock and roll songs. But as you can see i spelled it "Rockit". That's the second reference. "Rockit" was a grammy award winning song by Herbie Hancock, and was one of the first popular songs to use turntable scratching.

So, you can see why I had to do it.

Of course

Sure... I can see why you did it... Honest.

I'm sorry

Next time you have a good idea for the name of the episode... How about you put it down sometime before 10 pm on the Saturday after we record.

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