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We go back to our foundations on this one, with LOTS of actual RANDOM banter, including a philosophic discussion!

I Fixed the Audio

For those who have already listened to the podcast, will notice the early version of the closing theme cutting out part of our random topic. Well, I've fixed it now and uploaded a fixed version of the audio.

Side note: working at Circuit City has kind of thrown off our recording schedule. We should be back shortly.

I was wondering

Yeah, someone had mentioned the audio to me. Glad to see it got fixed.
Anyways, like hell am I going to let Andy take the full blame for not recording on time this week. The fact that I could barely speak must have had something to do with it! We should be returning to our normal schedule soon.
I also thought everyone should know that pre-registration for the Penny Arcade Expo is open. You may have heard us talk about it in any number of episodes.

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